Q- How long can Plasti Dip® last?
A- When properly applied, Plasti Dip® will easily last a full year without having to be retouched. Even through our harsh Canadian winters! It is surprisily tough, protecting your original paint from all elements.

Q- Does it really peel off?
A- Yes when the proper amount is used it does easily peel off. There are now products available to assist the removal if it was sprayed on too thin. You should put on at least 6 coats.

Q- How do I prep my surface
A- Of course using Prep Spray and microfibre towels to prep is best,  but you can also use regular soap. Be sure everything is dry before spraying!

Q- How do I wash my dipped car?
A- Dipped cars can be washed with certain regular car soaps but our DipSoap works wonders. Wipe dry with the DipCloth to get the job done. That simple!

Q- How many gallons do I need to dip my whole car?
A- Usually 4 gallons is enough to cover most standard vehicles.  It really depends on the colour your car is presently and the colour you want to dip it, due to the lighter colours having coverage issues over dark or contrasting paint.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: We use 2-4 business day shipping with UPS

Q: Where do you ship from?
A: We ship from our warehouse in Gatineau, QC

Q: Do I get a tracking number?
A: Yes you do get a tracking number automatically via email and to your account. If one was not supplied, please contact customerservice@dipcanada.ca with your invoice number and we will quickly get it for you.

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