Galactic Storm

  • Purple, violet, blue, dark teal
  • price per 25g
Using Chameleon pearls with Plasti Dip is easy! Mix 75 grams of DipCanada's Pearls into each Clear Plasti Dip gallon or do a 50/50 mix of Clear Plasti Dip and Glossifier for a more satin finish! Note: DipCanada's pearls are packaged in 25g format: Simply mix in (3) 25g bags per gallon and stir, it's that easy! Better coverage, smoother finish, much more sheen Over 10 colours to choose from! Tips : 1/2 quart of Naptha thinner can be added to each gallon after Pearls are added, to maintain a smooth sprayable consistency. Pearl mixture MUST be applied over a base coat of plastidip Note that the shade of the colour will vary depending on the base coat you choose. IMG_0450

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