2 Gallons Sprayable Kit: 1g dip + 1g thinner

Plastidip® gallons. Choose your colour in the drop box at the bottom of the page. Refer to the chart below for colour reference. charts_zpsf754e716 Glossifier with Fade Buster now available!!! Great for protecting blaze and light colours from fading! 1234612_962470947102324_8400822594359499047_n Now Available!! DipPearl High Gloss Top Coat, just click this link or the banner below! topcoat copy                           New UV version with added tint is slowly replacing our current line up! NOTE: The Plasti Dip® and thinner come separated to mix yourself - ratio is 1:1 Instructions will be included. Don't forget! Some colours may need to be applied over a grey or white base for full coverage. (all blaze and most bright colours should have a white base)   For one gallon of pure Plasti Dip, you get * TWO * Spayable Gallons (1 gallon of pure Plasti Dip + 1 gallon of thinner)   Note that the price is not for a gallon, but for two gallons of ready to use product.
 - All Blaze Colours and Metalizers are on SALE!  Warning for blaze colours** the blaze colours are required to be applied over a white plastidip base and are prone to fading. Applying Fade buster glossifier over a blaze colour will help reduce fading. Please keep this in mind if you are in the market for a blaze colour.

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