Ice Blue Shimmer

July 9, 2015,


  • very nice blue
  • high volume of flakes


  • very nice blue
  • high volume of flakes (can be used in smaller amounts to add a flake effect in top coat, gloss, or directly into your pearl mix)


Using Dip Canada’s pearls with Plasti Dip is easy!

Mix 50 grams of DipCanada’s Pearls into each Clear Plasti Dip gallon
or do a 50/50 mix of Clear Plasti Dip and Glossifier for a more satin finish!
Note: DipCanada’s pearls are packaged in 25g format:

Simply mix in (2) 25g bags per gallon and stir, it’s that easy!

Better coverage, smoother finish, much more sheen

Many colours to choose from!

Tips :

1/2 quart of Naptha thinner can be added to each gallon after Pearls are added, to maintain a smooth sprayable consistency.
Pearl mixture MUST be applied over a base coat of plastidip
Note that the shade of the colour will vary depending on the base coat you choose.

Additional information

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 10 × 1 in

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