Plasti Dip 5 Gallon Pure

Great for installers! And perfect for industrial/commercial use! Pure 5 gallon pail of Plasti Dip®/Rubber Dip®, makes 10 gallons of sprayable once diluted with the approriate thinners. Standard Colours are $400 each pail Sale on Firebelly Orange at $350 each!
  • (Black, UV White, Red, Yellow, Hunter Green, Gunmetal Grey, Blue, Firebelly Orange, UV Clear)
Camo Colours are $425 each pail
  • (UV Camo Green, Camo Brown, UV Camo Tan)
Fluorescent Colours are usually $450 each pail   For a limited time/quantity only at $250 each! 
  • (Fl. Blue, Fl. Pink, FL. Yellow, Fl. Green, Fl. Purple, Fl. Orange, Fl. Red)
VM&P Naphtha pails are $70 each pail
  • (5 gallon pail of thinner to dilute your Plasti Dip®/Rubber Dip® at a suggested ratio of 1:1)
  Shipping will be secure and palletized on large orders! It is recommended to order more than one pail to save on shipping!

$70.00 Array

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