Quick n Slick

Works amazing on Plasti Dip, stays clean longer and becomes easier to wash while replacing a grippy texture with a slippery smooth finish!

  • Anti scratch
  • UV protection
  • smoother feel
  • Aka Dip Coat

QUICK N SLICK immediately shows an extreme brilliant shine while the new Reactive Polymer Technology begins to cure providing a long lasting, protective, detergent resistant coating and a slick, brilliant shine. It continues curing and hardening over the next 24 hours. Added antistatic properties continue to repel road dust.

Keep Your "Dipped or non-Dipped" Car's Valuable Surface Protected.

Every second your prized possession is outside, it is exposed to a potentially harmful environment. Things like; intense heat, acid rain, industrial pollution, road dirt, bird droppings, road salt and road tar, squashed bugs all cause damage to painted or Plasti Dip finishes.

Quick-N-Slick will protect your surface and produce a shine that you simply will not believe.

Easy to use directions:

Only Takes seconds to use

  1. Clean your car thoroughly Product is to be applied to a clean surface only
  2. Fold a clean, dry microfiber towel 2 times
  3. Mist the towel with 2 sprays of Quick N Slick. Do Not Over Apply
  4. Treat the painted surface by rubbing gently to develop a deep, bright shine and a tangible slickness
  5. Continue applying an area at a time, until vehicle is done.
for applying on Plasti Dip surfaces
  1. fold a clean, humid microfiber towel
  2. mist the towel with 2 sprays and lightly mist the surface
  3. gently rub the surface of the whole panel with the humid microfiber towel
  4. then gently buff the surface of panel with a dry microfiber towel
  5. continue this method until the vehicule is done.

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